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The production

Always taking care to comfort, quality and especially to design, NUBE cooperates with a lot of famous architects of the sector. The products in the catalogues are signed by Carlo Colombo, Marco Corti, Riccardo Bello Dias, Mario Ferrarini, Philippe Nigro, Maurizio Salvato and now Giuseppe Viganò .

Tables, little tables, armchairs, sofas and bookcases are designed and produced considering the different life styles and the different distribution markets, but always connected to the constant quality and to high level range.

More than 50 years experience allowed the company to reach high quality standards even in Custom Made.
Flexibility, modern technology, new materials and competitive prices are some of the strengh points of the company, which is ready follow the requests of demanding and selective customers, without abounding its personal design.

But NUBE distinguishes itself from other suppliers by its metal and wooden frames, which grant a longer lasting time of the products, by the custom made articles, which fullfill especially the needs of foreign customers, and by the seat mechanism, which transforms many sofas in comfortable dormouse.